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Our mission is to take an important step in making the transport sector more sustainable. eGLM has put 4 electric heavy duty (+40 ton) trucks on the road in combination with destination charging stations as well as ultrafast charging stations, up to 350kW. These electric trucks and charging infrastructure are being tested and monitored on a technical basis by Fontys Automotive and FH Aachen, and on a logistical basis by Fontys ILEC. 

All outputs (reports, tools, statistics...) are publicly shared on this Knowledge Center to accelerate the transition to a sustainable transport sector. 

Conclusion: Electrification of the heavy duty transport is possible, even today! However, it requires some adaptation. Consult the reports and tools below to learn more about it.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculators

A total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator is an important financial tool for making informed purchasing decisions. Especially when purchasing a vehicle, a higher purchase price does not necessarily lead to a higher total cost of ownership. Operating costs are a significant part of the total costs over the lifetime of a vehicle. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to understand all the variables that make up total costs, let alone to assign realistic values to these variables.

To resolve this issue, TCO calculators have been developed by FIER Automotive & Mobility and Topsector Logistiek, specifically aimed at the purchase of electric trucks. Both tools allow you to gain insight into the cost variables, in order for you to answer the question whether an electric truck is financially interesting for your specific business situation.

Simple TCO Calculator

This TCO calculator gives a simplistic overview of all the variables that make up the Total Cost of Ownership of a truck.

Developed by FIER Automotive & Mobility.


Download TCO Calculator

Extensive TCO calculator

This TCO calculator allows you to estimate the cost of a heavy-duty BEV (freight vehicles of 3.5 tons or more) over the entire life cycle. It contains a lot of detail, and answers the question if switching to a battery electric trucks (BEV) is worthwhile in your specific situation.

Developed by Topsector Logistiek. 

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The electric trucks and the charging infrastructure of the eGLM project are tested and monitored by the knowledge institutes Fontys Automotive and FH Aachen on a technical basis, and on a logistical basis by Fontys ILEC. All outputs (reports, statistics, presentations...) are presented below. 

In order to maximize the availabiltiy of information, we also present some interesting reports by external parties.


This section contains all reports created by the eGLM cooperation.

Average and maximum trip distances

This report investigates the average and maximum trip distances of the eGLM trucks.


Average consumption and weigth

This report investigates the average consumption and weight of the eGLM trucks.


Road type and influence of total mass on energy consumption

This report examines the influence of the total mass on the truck's energy consumption, and takes a brief look at which road types are used by the e-trucks.


Energy consumption per season and month

This report examines the average energy consumption per season and per month of the e-trucks.


Energy Consumption and Truck Weight

This report investigates the energy consumption of the eGLM trucks per ton load and the efficiency of it between 2020 and 2022.


Fontys ILEC

This section contains all reports created by the knowledge institute Fontys ILEC.

Report Ayrton Wouters

Internship or graduation report Ayrton Wouters


Presentation Ayrton Wouters

Internship or graduation presentation Ayrton Wouters


Management report CTV

In this management report, a feasibility study is conducted to improve the deployability of an electric truck to reduce the difference in TCO between electric and diesel.


FH Aachen

This section contains all reports created by the knowledge institute FH Aachen.

Expected soon!

FH Aachen

This section contains all reports created by the knowledge institute FH Aachen.

Expected soon!

External organizations

This section contains reports by external parties.

Moving zero-emisson freight toward commercialization

By Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero


Global EV Outlook 2021


Accelerating ambitions despite the pandemic


Unlocking electric trucking in the EU

Recharging along highways; Electrification of long-haul trucks (Vol.2)


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