Lessons from eGLM project also valuable for Zero Emission City Logistics (ZES)

Zero emission city logistics, often abbreviated as ZES, currently mainly revolves around electric delivery vans. These are now available in a wide range. In the electric Green Last Mile Interreg project (eGLM), we are championing the electric truck. The heavy diesel trucks that are now driving into the city cause a lot of pollution and noise nuisance. eGLM puts everything that is involved in the purchase and operation of such trucks into practice. From purchase to ultra-fast chargers, to implementation in daily practice.

“Making fleets more sustainable often requires customization. With most passenger cars it is relatively simple and often a cost saving is already possible, but especially in logistics the complexity is a lot higher,' says Rob Kroon of FIER Automotive & Mobility.

Much has been learned in more than two years. This knowledge will be shared from the end of summer with anyone who wants to know about it. The call is therefore: get information from the project team if you are thinking about purchasing one or more electric trucks. Including the necessary slow and/or fast chargers.

Information was recently shared in Maastricht; on 15 July 2021, the eGLM e-truck of Meulenberg Transport was a guest at ''het Startschot voor Zero Emission City Logistics Maastricht (ZES)''. Alderman Gert-Jan Krabbendam and program director Louis Prompers of South Limburg- reachable gave that starting signal. At the end of March, the city council took a positive decision, the Start shot marks the transition to the actual implementation. The most important goal: a permanently liveable and economically vital city. This also includes fully electric trucks.

Four trucks are already operational within eGLM. A new tender procedure has now been concluded for additional trucks. The project team is busy finalizing and purchasing any additional e-trucks. More clarity about the new trucks and the charging infrastructure will follow after the summer.

Stay tuned…

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