2,000,000 electric green last miles

in Europe

Seven 100% full-electric 40/44 ton trucks
Five ultra-fast charging stations
Dutch – German collaboration
2,000,000 electric green last miles

The eGLM partnership will be an important step in making the transport sector more sustainable. The 100% electric trucks, with accompanying fast chargers, will minimize CO2 production, air pollution and noise pollution as far as possible. This will lead to increased competitive power for the participating partners A unique combination in Europe.

Through a combined demand from the eGLM partnership of a fleet of electric trucks and charging infrastructure, eGLM aims at driving innovation among vehicle manufacturers and kick-starting the electric truck market. This project will take the first major steps towards the critical mass.


The INTERREG-project ‘electric Green Last Mile’ (eGLM) focuses on heavy distribution, in short trips (trips of max 150 km) in the region of the European logistics hotspots Venlo (the Netherlands) and Duisburg (Germany). Clean, quiet and environmentally friendly transport in real time situations.

Innovation and Financing

Throughout the entire project the electric trucks and charging infrastructure will be tested and monitored. This will be done in terms of technology, but also with regard to deployment. This is done in collaboration with Hogeschool Fontys and the FH Aachen. The results will be shared to help accelerate the sustainability of the transport sector.

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