4 ultra-fast charging stations

Charging infrastructure

Due to the combined demand for electric trucks and compatible ultra-fast charging stations, eGLM has helped develop standards for charging electric (40/44 ton) trucks.

Night chargers

The electric trucks are charged every night using normal chargers. These charging stations are placed at the logistics partners on location and have a charging capacity of around 50kW. Both AC night chargers and DC charging stations are in use, which once again emphasizes the experimental character of eGLM. On the basis of these normal chargers, the electric trucks can charge at a cheap rate while not putting a heavy burden on the electricity grid.

Ultra-fast charging

Maximizing driving time is an important factor in increasing the logistical availability of an electric truck. Ultra-fast charging stations (350kW), placed at strategic locations, are crucial in this regard. The locations are determined together with project partners and logistics experts.

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