Five ultra-fast charging stations

Charging infrastructure

Europe has experience with various types of charging infrastructures for large trucks. A common basis has yet to be determined, which is why eGLM combines the use of fully electric trucks in one tender with compatible ultra-fast charging stations.

Ultra-fast charging

To create maximum usability, the driving time must be maximised. Ultra-fast charging stations (expected 300kW +) at strategic locations are therefore of the utmost importance. The locations are determined in collaboration with project partners and logistics experts.

The night chargers for the trucks will be used on location at the partners. The relatively cheaper chargers (expected 40 - 100 kW) will charge the trucks during the night hours.

The technology for the charging systems (for example pantograph, inductive or via a plug) is still open, and will be determined in consultation between the eGLM partnership and the suppliers.

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