5 fully electric 40/44 ton trucks


The trucks are 100% electric. The 40/44 ton trucks have a large battery pack, which enables a range of 150 km. This allows the trucks to be used for regional transport.

Logistical and economic feasibility

The logistics concepts that are developed and tested must ensure a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through optimal use of the capacities. A number of important principles have been defined for this:

  • The majority of the distances covered by the participating companies in the region fall within 50 kilometers one way. The range of the electric truck is 150 kilometers.
  • With strategically placed ultra-fast charging stations, time loss is reduced to a minimum.
  • The trucks and their optimal use are central
    • The truck is used flexibly and for multiple applications (such as container distribution, terminal tractor, truck parts…) to maximize deployability.
    • A start is made with dedicated use of the trucks by the project partners, after which the partial aspect is developed during the project. Truck sharing will also contribute to the higher occupancy rate. This challenge could mean a breakthrough in logistics.
  • Investments in electric trucks are high for companies. Joint investment in charging infrastructure is an additional hurdle that eGLM will remove.

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